Clival Chordoma with Facial Translocation

Clival Chordoma is a locally agressive tumor that requires the best possible resection from the outset.  Our center has significant experience in this pathology.  We are able to provide a variety of approaches including, endoscopic, transoral, as well as complex facial translocations when necessary to ensure the best and most complete resection of the lesion depending upon the extent and location of the tumor.  The video below is an example of the most complex scenario requiring midface translocation.  The image below is the patient seen at 5 months postoperatively.  Very few centers internatiallly offer these complex procedures.  We are proud to offer all options for care of this difficult and complex pathology.  We also work in close collaboration with our colleagues in radiation oncology as postoperative adjuvent radiotherapy is often employed in these patients to optimize long term survival.

IMG 9118
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