Glomus Jugulare

Glomus Juglure tumor are among a class of paraganglioma tumors.  They are typically found in isolation and are benign and originate from specific regions of receptor cells intimately attached to the jugular vein and base of skull in the region of the jugular foramen.  10% however can be either multiple or manifest more agressive pathological featurs.  This area is a conduit for some of the blood vessels and cranial nerves.  Because they are quite vascular, we also work in close collaboration with our interventional neuroradiologists to endovascularly close off much of the incoming blood supplies to make the surgeries much safer.  Related tumors include glomus tympanicum which arise in the middle ear and glomus vagale as well carotid body tumors that are located in the neck region.  The goal of surgical treatment is a maximally safe resection with monitoring and preservation of the neurological function.  Often these tumors can slowly impair the function of some of the cranial nerves and may present with hearing loss, hoarseness or either a visible or palpable mass.  When there are impairments of selected cranial nerve function, our team has vast expertise in rehabilitative procedures and therapies to improve and/or reveres the impairments  Below is a video presentation of surgical strategies we use for Glomus Jugulare tumors. Please see the link from Specific Clinical Interests to view a video demonstrating the removal of a Glomus Tympanicum Tumor.

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