Acoustic Neuroma Surgery at Walter Reed National Military Medical Center


Dr. Andrew Fishman was invited to perform surgical removal of an acoustic neuroma.  He performed the surgery with Navy surgeons, Commander Arnold Rivera M.D., and Dr. Merrill Severson M.D. The surgery was successfully performed by the middle fossa approach with good preservation of hearing waves monitored during the removal.  The procedure was performed using intraoperative image guidance with the Medtronic O-Arm system.  This guidance technique was developed by Dr. Fishman and his colleagues and published in Conley DB, Tan B, Bendok BR, Batjer HH, Chandra R, Sidle D, Rahme R, Adel J, Fishman AJ.  Comparison of Intraoperative Portable CT Scanners in Skull Base and Endoscopic Sinus Surgery: Single Center Case Series, Skull Base Surgery Journal 2011; 21(4): 261-270.

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