National Lectures

Operative Techniques with the Masters: 3-D Live Cadaveric Demonstration of Surgical Techniques


Dr. H. Hunt Batjer M.D. Professor and Chairman of Neurosurgery at Northwestern University, and Dr. Andrew J. Fishman M.D., Associate Professor of Otolaryngology …

Intraoperative CT scanning for Skull Base Surgery


Dr. Andrew J. Fishman M.D., Dr. David Conley M.D., Dr. Bernard R. Bendok M.D., Dr. H. Hunt Batjer M.D. and their colleagues at Northwestern reported the first …

Emerging Technologies in Cochlear Implants


Drs. Andrew J. Fishman MD, and Claus Peter Richter MD PhD from Northwestern University detailed their experience in the field of cochlear implant research.  …

Nuances in CO2 Laser Microsurgery


Dr. Fishman presented his findings and technical experience with the use of CO2 lasers for preservation of hearing with acoustic neuroma removal as well as …

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